Going Paleo and Shirred Eggs

So we have been dabbling in Paleo for the better part of the past five years. We inconsistently followed the principles, but had a hard time committing. Partly because I hate being bossed  and for some reason following one specific way of eating translated into someone telling me how to eat which translates into someone telling me how to live my life. I would not say that I have overcome this weird idiosyncrasy; it’s more that I have noticed what happens when I follow the Paleo diet for a few weeks and then stop.  I don’t feel good. I am going to take this as my body communicating that it likes the Paleo lifestyle and that I should stick with it.  My husband does not have the same quirk about following a sound diet plan, but he LOVES bread and sweets.  This has been our struggle and the thing that prevented us from moving forward and following the Paleo diet.

About 6 months ago both of us became pretty fed up with the current state of our health so we decided to commit to being 100% Paleo this year.  We are 15 days into it and I love it. My favorite part is trying new recipes. The food is yummy and I love the challenge of making meals that fit the Paleo lifestyle and also fit our various tastes. A family of five is hard to feed, and eliminating sugar, grain, and wheat is a huge challenge, but so far so good. I am going to chronicle this journey and share recipes while I’m at it.  I made this today, for brunch. It is super easy to make pretty tasty to.

Shirred Eggs


4 Eggs

4 teaspoons minced Shallots

3 or four slices of uncured Ham (not lunchmeat, real ham)

4 custard cups

Preheat oven to 350

Spread butter around custard cup. Place remaining butter on bottom of casserole. Place scallions, followed by ham on the bottom of the casserole. Break an egg on top of the ham. Place the custard cups on baking sheet in oven and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from oven and flip contents onto a plate.


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