On writing

I have a very strong desire to write. I have a plan to become a blogging goddess with a book deal that turns into a multimillion dollar movie deal. I am missing a few things:

1. Time. It is 11:30pm. I have been awake since 7am. One baby is awake and nursing as I write this. The todler, who did not nap today, is asleep in bed next to me. I have 2 kids asleep in the next room and my oldest is downstairs on his computer. All of theses individuals need some time from me.  I also like to talk to my husband occasionally. Throw in household chores, 2 dogs, and 2 cats and you can quickly see how I might run out of time for writing.  So yeah…time is a bit of an issue.

2. Plot. I think I have the cutest and smartest group of children that this world has ever seen. My blog is an attempt to prepare the world for the day that they decide to take over, because when they decide to take over there’s nothing stopping the. Unfortunately every mommy blogger in the bolgesphere has the same or the opposite position and they spend tons of time, which they have and I lack, writing about every stage of development and other tidbits from their entertaining lives. I want a different angle…I just haven’t figured out how to write from that angle yet.

3. I’m typing on my phone which is slow and tedious. I’m pretty tired. I forgot 3… I’ll leave the number here in case I remember it later. Here’s a cute baby pic instead…think of it as a placeholder.


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I love to Knit, take pictures, and write.

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