Showers and Dinosaurs

You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the kids escape the hungry velociraptor by running into the kitchen and closing the door. Everyone is relieved because we all know that dinosaurs cannot open door and then..the dino opens the door.


That happened to me this morning. THe velociraptor’s name is Sol.


I really hate taking a shower with Sol. Sol really loves taking showers with me and he recognizes the sound of the shower turning on, so unless he is in the other room I suffer greatly. This morning when I successfully snuck into my room and closed the door I was sure that today was the day that I would get my solo shower. He was busy in the living room playing with his siblings, he didn’t notice me sneaking away. I start the shower and wait for the glass to steam up before I get in, that way even if he comes into the room he can’t see me. I jump into the shower, smiling. I LOVE IT! The shower is super hot just the way I like it and I am alone. I am positively gloating. Then the universe reminds me that gloating is a bad idea. I hear footsteps and freeze. If he can’t see me then I have nothing to worry about. He walks up to the shower stall and stops, he is staring into the shower looking for any sign of life. I hold my breath, keep calm and still, then it happens….the shower door starts to open. NOOOOOOOOOO!


I panic and grab the door. Still quiet, but the movement was noticeable. He pulls harder, I hold my ground. This is an intense standoff and I must win. I will have this shower, my moment and I will enjoy it. He abruptly stops pulling and stands there. I keep a death grip on the shower door just in case. I’m still quiet, silently crying because at this point shampoo is in my eyes, but I must remain strong.  Then he starts calling my name. I don’t answer. The dinosaur stalks  away. I take a deep breath to calm myself. Quickly rinse myself and step out of the shower before he has a chance to return.

Not the shower experience that I expected, but at least I’m clean and we both survived.

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I love to Knit, take pictures, and write.

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