A clarification

I don’t know why my post that said “Don’t kill each other” translated into I support racists, but it did for many of you so I am going to use very small words and type slowly so that the idea gets to you in short bursts rather than long, complicated sentences.

  1. Racism is a belief, created by thought. The thought sometimes, not always, translates into violence. How do you get rid of thoughts? Can you burn them down? Can you kill them? While killing the person who is currently expressing the thought might end the thought in that person it will not end the thought (belief) in other people. Excommunicating the person from society does not eliminate the belief. Eliminating groups of people because of their thoughts does not eliminate the belief. It sends the people with the beliefs into hiding. When they are in hiding they quietly share the belief with unsuspecting, innocent ears. Those ears grow up and the belief grows quietly.

Someone posted that it looks like we didn’t win in WWII…Of course we didn’t win. You cannot destroy ideology with guns. You cannot destroy ideology with discipline and hatred. The only that works is cognitive dissonance. Let’s stop fueling the fire and start putting out the fire. That is what I’m trying to say.


  1. Not long ago I wrote several posts about civil rights. Hey cops, stop killing black people! Like many people of color (not just my color, but other colors as well ,including rainbow) I live with racism and its consequences every day. I want justice. I want this to end. I understand that it will not end with a bang. I am not calling for compromise. I am calling for a radical approach to solving the problem. Something that has never been attempted, peace. Stop killing each other. Start helping each other. Call out racism when you see it, record it, talk about it. End it.


Will Smith said “Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.”   So, for all of you seeing racism for the first time, all of you who are angry because you are getting a glimpse of what it looks like outside of your bubble, please understand that your glimpse is my reality. Take the example of our favorite President, President Obama, who is also calling for peace, but not siding with racists.  You cannot stamp out racism with violence. You can stamp it out by integrating your circle. Include people of all races and religions in your group and watch everyone learn to live together and stop being bullies. Yes, there are more of us, yes we have more power…can we please stop using that power to get rid of the group that we disagree with.

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