What Privilege looks like

A group of children are playing at a public park. The group of children are a mix of ages and races. An older Caucasian man with no children pulls into the parking lot. He spends some time sitting in his car looking at the kids. Then he gets out his car, walks to the front tire, turns towards the children and puts his hand in his pants. Several of the parents see the man and glance towards each other. What is going on? The older man then pulls out his penis and fully exposed keeps staring at the children. One of the parents immediately calls the police. Another parent starts to approach the man. As the parent approaches the man pees on the ground. The person on the phone walks over and says the cops are on the way and, with the help of some of the other parents, prevents the perpetrator from leaving. At this point everyone feels upset, but victorious. This group of strangers worked together to protect the children and get the police out to put  this miscreant behind bars and prevent him from harming other kids.

The police officer shows up and relief quickly turns to disgust and anger. The person who called the police is an African American female and the accused is an older Caucasian man. First the officer listens to what happened. The story is corroborated by the woman who called the police and the other parents who saw this man expose himself. The police office explains to the woman that the law has changed. If this man could not find a bathroom then he is within his rights to relieve himself in the parking lot. The woman, beginning to become enraged, points to the public restroom that is nearby. The pervert replies by saying that the bathrooms were all occupied. An excuse that all of the parents refute. The police office then says that none of the children saw the man expose himself. At this point one of the parents goes to their 12-year-old daughter who explains what she saw to the officer. She saw EVERYTHING. The officer does nothing. He says the man was within his rights and he drives away. Once he leaves the man also gets into his car and leaves the park.

The officer and the pervert were the only two Caucasians on the scene.

This is what privilege looks like.

This is why we are angry.

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  1. Kind of a flawed example here. There’s actually more to ‘indecent exposure’ than just the exposure part, has to do with his intent demonstrated by what he was seen doing. Peeing doesn’t really count, otherwise the homeless guys at our local park would all be lifers.

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