In the house we have some rather odd birthday traditions. Kyson, 6 as of today, spends the week before his birthday planning an elaborate birthday feast.  He plans, breakfast, lunch and dinner and spends his day eating himself into birthday oblivion. Today he chose pancakes for breakfast (circumvented by Grandpa kidnapping him for birthday breakfast […]

House full of sick kids + crazy cooking mom = yummy chicken soup and turkey rolls

Sick people in the house today, sore throats and stuffy noses all around. I am the only person who feels great and I am really excited because I get to feed sick people!  I love feeding sick people, probably the nurturing side of me rearing its ugly head.  I have a standard chicken soup recipe […]

The ride of terror

We started our day in Dinosaurland, also known as Vernal, Utah. We explored fossils, visited a dinosaur museum where we excavated a Utahraptor and took pictures with a Stegosaurus. We also watched a pterosaur being painted. We tried to have a conversation with the painters, distinguishing between the Pteranodon and the Pterodactyl has always been […]