Our Incredible Journey: Day two, The Grand Canyon

It is not often that I am left without words to describe my feelings or experiences, but in the case of The Grand Canyon I have no words. Fortunately I have some pictures, though this was one of the most frustrating amateur photographer moments that I have had in some time. Pictures cannot capture the size of the place, but I have a few pictures.

Our Incredible Journey: day 1

We started our journey, 300 miles down, 5700 to go. I planned to be productive on this part of the journey. My plan was delayed by a day spent oohing and awing the gorgeous scenery. I have seen it all before, but the hills, followed by high, then low desert is too appealing to pass up.  Did I mentions the desert sunset? Describing the colors is impossible. It is something that must be experienced, not described.
I enjoy the time with the kiddos and Kyle, I also love the feeling of driving on an empty, winding road.
We pulled off on the most deserted road we could find, turned off all the lights and looked up at the sky. Wow!  No lights for miles, except the stars. No moon, just stars.
I spent the better part of ten minutes trying to get a picture of the night sky, but was unsuccessful.  I gave up and decided to just enjoy the moment with my family. I am glad I made that decision.   I felt small and surrounded by love. I highly recommend the experience to everyone. Make the time, you won’t regret it.

Hello world!

Welcome to my new space! Formerly http://unschoolingchic.blogspot.com/, but after a long week with google I am breaking those chains!

Let me introduce myself

I am a homeschooling mother of four (one deceased). I have spent the better part of the last 15 years unschooling my wonderful children and enjoying the excitement and adventures that raising three kids brings. I am married to a wonderfully chaotic and eccentric husband and I spend most of my days living and learning on California’s Central Coast. I hope this blog becomes a great hangout place for all people who are interested in freedom and great conversation.

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